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Sultan Köşkü
Hookah Lounge
About Us

Sultan Köşkü was opened in 2000 in Bostanlı, Izmir by Yusuf İsanlarlar, who comes from a 3-generation hookah family. Founded in 1940 by grandfather Yusuf Efendi, Sultan Köşkü Hookah and Coffee Lounge has faithfully preserved and developed the operating principles of the famous Ayn-ı Ali Dervish Lodge, which is still located in Manisa, and has brought together both the richness of the past and today’s modern facilities.

Sultan Köşkü, which serves every day of the week with its experienced and friendly staff, has managed to become the meeting point of hookah lovers with its pleasant atmosphere using Ottoman figures, delicious hookah varieties and friendly atmosphere.

Sultan Köşkü, which is a part of the Ottoman culture and adds specially produced herbal teas to the combination of hookah and coffee, which is a part of Ottoman culture and inherited to the present day, offers a wide menu to its customers.

The guests of Sultan Köşkü, which makes a difference with its atmosphere that fully reflects the hookah culture, rich menu and high quality understanding, become regulars after a while.

Sultan Köşkü is proud to be an establishment that lives its hookah traditions to the fullest. Yusuf İsanlarlar, who states that hookah should not be smoked alone, emphasizes that hookah conversations give people great pleasure and that the bubbling of the hookah that accompanies the conversation is one of the most important features of the conversation.

Another characteristic of hookah is that it is a slow ritual. Contrary to the Western approach that says “time is money” and prefers everything fast, people remind us that smoking hookah is a “serene and pleasant ceremony” for Turks, who believe that haste is the devil’s work.

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